A best friend and companion for life

Welcome to Claymore Boerboel

We bought our first boerboel in 2002 and have now been breeding boerboels for over 13 years. We have several breeding boerboels however we only keep 2/3 dogs living with us in our house whilst the others live in other homes with families however visiting and staying with us regularly. We do not keep our boerboels in kennels as the quality of our dogs lives is our greatest concern therefore some of our dogs live with friends/family as boerboels are not a contented kennel dog. We have produced a UK champion every year for the last 7 years.

We owned the first male boerboel, Clay, to be bred from in the UK and are the longest established UK boerboel breeders. We were the first (and only) breeders to have all our bitches and dogs on the SABT/SABBS elite register.  We adhere to the UK Boerboel Club's code of ethics. And although we have many UK & European champion boerboels in our breeding lines we will only breed from a boerboel if it also has great health results including hip/elbow scores and the boerboels must also be confident, friendly examples of the breed. We microchip, DNA, and have all our pups vet checked before being sold. Each comes with a health guarantee. Our pups are registered with South Africa's only official registry: South African Boerboel Breeders Society (SABBS). We provide a life long support to our puppy owners.


We are not commercial breeders however we are professional in our aim to produce the finest boerboel pups. We do not in-breed but will travel across the world to find the best available stud dogs that bring a genetic out-cross to ensure on going healthy lines. We have used exceptional, healthy, well-tempered, highly appraised boerboels for five generations and now have a well known reputation for producing such boerboels. We aim to continually improve our knowledge of this great breed: Tracy is a leading European senior appraiser with the original and largest registration body: SABBS. We carefully research both genetics and pedigrees to ensure that each mating will produce high quality, healthy pups. We currently have such a high quality upcoming litter.


We recommend that any potential boerboel purchaser reads our ‘puppy buying guide’. We also adhere to these principals.

We live in Kings Langley in Herts, UK and are just a few miles outside of London. If you are interested in our puppies for sale please see our page entitled 'Current breeding sire & dam' for details.