A best friend and companion for life


Clay was our first boerboel and was one of the first South African Boerboels to be born in the UK in April 2002. He proved to be a beautiful dog with a huge personality. He is probably the best known boerboel in the UK: being the only boerboel to have attended every UK appraisal since their inception in 2003. He was also the first UK male to sire a litter in the UK. He has produced over 30 pups and his loving, calm and confident personality will continue in this particular bloodline. He achieved an SABT appraisal score of 85.6% and is one of only three UK dogs to be included on the SABT stud register for high achieving dogs/bitches. He was a big part of our family and was loved by our many young neices and nephews. Unfortunately Clay was diagnosed with cancer in his blood cells; Lymphoma and passed on the 14th May 2008. He will be missed dearly. Our heart felt thanks goes to Jan Mitchell (Jannik Boerboels), a friend and boerboel lover who helped take care of Clay in his last few days.

As proud as we are of Clay, we can only thank Anthea of Celtic Connection Boerboels who bred such a lovely dog. In memory of Clay we have sponsored the 'Clay Memorial Cup' which will be presented annually at the SABBA/SABT UK appraisal to the owners of the dog which displays those temperament qualtities that Clay had in abundance: the dog/bitch should be obeident, manageable, reliable and self assured. These are the qualities that we believe should come first in any breeding program and to which we strive. Without these qualities a boerboel becomes just a dog. We are lucky to have kept one of Clay's pups, Claymore Charlie. She too, is displaying these qualities.

When Clay passed we were contacted by many people who had been touched by Clay and wished to pass on their condolences. Here is a few words that some had to say:

"He was THE original and most special darling boy, the very first boerboel I ever met and is why I now have all my own. I can't express my own sorrow at his loss, there will never EVER be another like him, a major loss for all concerned. rest in peace sweet boy" Jan Mitchell, Jannik Boeboels
"I was fortunate to meet Clay when Garry and Tracy hosted myself and my wife Nance when I gave a seminar for the folks at the UKBC and I can say he was a Boerboel I would have gladly owned. He was as described in the many other posts acknowledging his death. Every dog is unique in an of itself so as you said there will not be another Clay, but there will be another that will have place in your hearts. The pup will not take Clay's place but it doesn't need to. Later on when your sorrow has lessened you will begin to see glimpses of Clay and you will remember all the goofy and wonderful things he did that endeared himself to you and yours with a smile instead of a tear. You will see him playing with the new pup and he will in his own way give you permission to love another" Norman Epstein, US
"I am so sorry for your loss and for the loss to the breed in the UK. Clay had the best temperament any dog could have, unfailingly gentle, steadfast and utterly reliable. He was also intelligent, sociable and a real charmer. He was the best ambassador the breed had. The only consolation is that he had a great life and left some lovely sons and daughters behind him, Thinking of you" Lucinda Fletcher-Neal
"As you know we are all shocked and so upset about Clay. Even friends and neighbours that met him when you came up last year are visibly upset. Jan you're brilliant. Every owner should have a mate like you! Lots of love" Elaine, Dolph, Andries & Charlie Carstens; UK Boerboels x
"Clay really was a true boerboel, the steadiest I have met. A true gentleman. He was also a fun guy, like when Garry did his funny scooby voice. You are in our thoughts, Love and hugs xx" Darren, Zoe and Abi pie. Argus Boerboels
"At times like this one can only imagine the hurt that you feel.The only consolation is that you have the memories that will make you smile and bear the loss of Clay.I never met him,but from all the glorious tributes to him,it is clear that he touched many people's hearts.You are correct that there will never be another Clay and rightly so.Let the memory of the good times replace the hurt of this moment.He is where he will suffer no more and surely his shadow will never ever fade and his light will never dim. Take heart my friends,Clay and you all are in my thoughts and prayers warmest thoughts " Dapo Ojora
"Your special boy truely was an inspiration, we would not have Nala if we had not met Clay & Cassie. We are so proud to have his girl. I wish I could write more but the tears have got the better of me, Clay was an absolute pleasure to be around on the few times we met, your fondest memories that you treasure will help you to get through this very hard time" Jo & Nick Bateman
"I am so sad to hear this devastatng news. Typing this through tears. My heart goes out to you both. Rest In Peace Dear Clay. May you run free in Rainbow Bridge best regards" Anita Connor, Eire
"I am deeply sorry for your loss. The last picture in your folder, "Final Farewell" was both tender and crushing. I am so sorry. Warmest wishes" Cameron McClure US
"We both shed tears this afternoon, you must be very sad, there is nothing worse than losing a dog who has been such a huge part of your life for so long. He was a wonderful dog, one of the first we saw in the flesh on our very long journey in deciding if Borboels were for us, and he and his puppies did help us make that decision" Sarah & Pete, Kazzmaier Boerboels
"I was absolutely shocked to see this about poor Clay. He was an outstanding ambassador and an enormous loss to you and the breed" James Brennan, Coomore Boerboels, South Africa
"I am so very sorry to hear about Clay. I know how much you loved him and how proud you were of him – it shone through every time you mentioned him in every word you said about him. Take care of yourselves and remember the good times. Lots of love" Christel Flink, Sweden
"I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. What a painfull goodbye it must have been. Over time, the pain will heal and the memories will grow" Sarah Hendrick, Belgium
"We're so sorry for your loss of such a gorgeous boy. Thinking of you" Rob & Jacqui
"I am so sorry to hear about Clay. May he rest in peace" John Goulding, Gouldopper Boerboels
"Our hearts go out to you, and our thoughts are with you. Clay was a wonderful boy" Gary & Andrea, UKUSA Boerboels
"Our sincere sympathies go out to you all. I must admit... my stomach has churned. Even to this day whenever I have a conversation about Snoop you can guarantee his dad will get a mention. If im being honest.... I chose Snoop purely because he had his dads looks..... God Bless Clay!... You will never be forgotten!" The Dodds
"Very sorry to hear of your loss" Jerry Heater, US
"I read this oh so sad post last night and just could not reply straight away. I felt so upset for you both. What a terrible loss. My heart goes out to you. He was so lucky to have wonderful people like you to care for him. God Bless Him" Janet Malone
"So sorry about your loss" Julie Brooks
"We wanted to send our condolences and let you know our thoughts are with you" Claire and Chris x
Dear All, Thank you so much for all your kind words about Clay. Every one of your emails have meant a lot to Garry & I in our grief. There isn't one email that hasn't made me cry bitter sweet tears for the loss of our special boy. We intend to print them all off & keep them in memory of what a great dog he was. He certainly touched a lot of people & it's moving to think that he was so well thought of.We wouldn't swap the 6 years we had with Clay for 100 with another dog. We have so many happy memories of him & we won't forget him, he will always be in our hearts. With loveTracy & Garry x