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Puppy Buying Guidelines

Ask the breeder the following questions:

  1. Is the sire and dam registered with the South African registry: SABT/SABBS and will the pups be registered with both this registry and the South African Studbook 'in your name'? If not correctly registered the dog would not be considered a boerboel. The SABBS registry is the only registry accepted by the whole boerboel community - worldwide.
  2. Are both the dam and sire available to be seen? This is strongly recommended. Do not accept claims as to a dog’s temperament nor excuses for a poor temperament: meet them and decide for yourself.
  3. Has the sire and dam been hip & elbow tested and do these meet acceptable standards? The minimum standard set by the UK Boerboel Club is currently BVA 18 or less; Penn Hip 0.55 or less for hips. Elbows should ideally be scored as 0:0 but certainly never less than 0:1.
  4. Has the breeder had any pups identified as suffering from health issues? Ask this question.
  5. Has the breeder had any pups returned due to temperament issues? Has the breeder ever had a dog returned as it is too aggressive. Ask pertinent questions. Has the breeder ever had a dog bred by him disqualified at an appraisal for being too aggressive? Don't accept excuses! 
  6. What guarantee does the breeder provide? All reputable breeder will refund or replace the pup should it suffer from a genetic health problem during its first 18 months. If no health guarantee is offered simply walk away. This simply demonstrates that the breeder is not confident in what they are producing.
  7. Will the puppies also be registered with SABT/SABBS. Although the parents may be registered this does not automatically mean the pups will be registered.
  8. Does the breeder give the pups their basic inoculations? This helps to indicate whether the breeder has the health of the pup, rather than profit, in mind. It also provides your pup with essential, much needed protection against various diseases such as distemper, hepatitis
  9. Is the dam certificated by a vet as free from vaginal prolaps? A hereditary condition.
  10. Are the dogs certified confirmed clear of entropion/ectotropion? Eye conditions.
  11. What price do they charge for their pups? £1,500 - £1,850 is the maximum that most reputable breeders charge. If they are asking for more ask them to justify this additional cost. Conversely if a pup is being sold at £1000 or less it is unlikely to be registered with a reputable registry, no good health test results nor health guarantee provided or there is likely to be other faults evident. Ask the above questions.
  12. Is there a breeding clause on the contract of sale? Some breeders will demand future use of your pup should they wish to do so or they may sell you a pup on a contract preventing you from breeding. (Decide if you want to be subject to such a clause?).