A best friend and companion for life

Family Companion and Protector

The Boerboel is a large, strong and agile dog with powerful muscles. His movements should be smooth and his body should be sturdier, heavier and bigger than the boxer, but shorter in the leg than the Great Dane. They are more agile than the English mastiff, but more powerful than the bullmastiff.

The Boerboel has been specifically bred as a protector. Although a good family dog they will protect the family if threatened. This protective instinct will begin to show from about 6 months old. Likewise, a boerboel should not show any unnecessary signs of aggression and should accept invited guests into the home.

A Boerboel is a loyal & devoted family guardian. They are particularly good with children. One of the early kennels said of its Boerboels that they were, "faithful, fearless, but not ferocious". This sums up a well-bred Boerboel just perfectly.

There is great diversity in boerboels; not just their appearance but also their temperament. We aim to produce a dog which is confident and protective however must also be calm and friendly. Like a police dog, a boerboel should be a fearless protector but must also be calm, friendly and obedient when no threat is present. Not all boerboels are bred this way so please take care when choosing a breeder and ask pertinent questions.